Internship Program

Nowadays working experience abroad is valued by the companies, and that’s why many students choose to do their internship after school in another country. For students that would like to get their professional experience in Spain, we can offer a work placement program.


This program consists of  4 week intensive course of Spanish in our language school in Madrid and 8 week placement in a Spanish company.


During the first 4 weeks we will be able to asses deeply your level of Spanish, help you with the preparation of the CV, understanding your objectives and prepare you for the placement.


We can find you a placement in the following areas:
Administration • Marketing • IT and Telecommunications • Leisure Time and Tourism • Media and Communications • Finance • Banking


In order to participate in our Work Placement Program, it is necessary that you are between 17-25 years old, have an intermediary level of Spanish (B2) and a prior experience and/or study background in the given area.


During the summer months (July, August) lots of companies in Spain are closed or working reduced hours and therefore it might be more difficult to find an appropriate placement during this period. It is therefore advisable to do the internship program during the months of September till June.


In case you are interested to participate in the Work Placement Program, please email us your CV and application form. We will contact you back with more information.