Gap Year in Spain

Nowadays many students and young professionals want to spend some time abroad. Either after either finishing their studies or making a career break in their professional life. 


If you are interested to spend a gap year or a sabbatical leave in Spain we will help you to spend it in such way that suits you the best. You can enjoy your time, freedom and at the same time improve your academic or professional profile.


On the beginning you will have a session with our advisor, which will discuss with you your goals, objectives and wishes. Based on those, he will help you to build a program that will interest you.


The structure of the Gap Year program:

The first 12 weeks are spent studying  Intensive Spanish Course in our language school in Madrid. The following period is being tailored according to the student’s wishes/needs


Possible objectives or courses followed by the students having a school/career break can be: DELE Exam Preparation, Work placementPreparation for the University, Studying Spanish in multiple locationsCombination of the language classes with dance or art.....or other combinations.