Spanish Courses in Madrid

You may be a complete beginner, intermediate, or master; we run courses for every level of proficiency.  Our general courses of spanish focus on improving your understanding and fluency in common daily situations; you can choose from various group classes and intensity. Individual classes are meant for everybody who prefers to study with a private tutor. They can be adjusted both in terms of times and the content to the requirements of the student. You may also combine the Spanish language course with dance or art classes


New courses start every Monday and are available in both morning and afternoon hours. Minimum study time is a week. Classes are thought in small groups of maximum 8 students and are available in all 6 levels of Common European Language Framework A2-C1. The first day after arriving each student will be asked to do a level test in order to be placed into an appropriate class.


Next to our general courses we also offer a range of professional courses. These courses start in various times of the year; please consult JAS Languages for the next starting date of the course of your choice.


In the end of the course, each student will receive a certificate indicating the attended course and a Spanish level achieved.


The school is accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which guarantees high quality standards in Spanish teaching.