Spanish Courses in Madrid


If you already have some knowledge of Spanish you can enter the course any Monday of the year. You will be placed to the group based on your level of Spanish. If you are a complete beginner, there are fixed starting dates.


Intensive Spanish

This is the most popular course in our school. It gives an attention to both grammar and the conversation and helps you to make a rapid progress with your Spanish. During the course you will be able to develop your communication skills, learn a lot of new vocabulary and improve your listening, reading and writing.


You can choose whether you want to follow the course in the morning or in the afternoon.


Course timetable: 20 lessons a week, 4 hours a day


Start dates for complete beginners:
7th January, 27Th January, 17th February, 10th March, 31st March, 21st April, 12th May, 2nd June, 14th July, 4th August, 25th August, 15th September, 6th October, 27th October, 17th November, 9th December


Semi Intensive Spanish

This course has the same structure as Intensive Spanish, but with fewer hours a week. It is ideal for people that don’t have as much time to follow the intensive course, but still want to improve their Spanish quickly.


10 lessons a week, 2 hours a day


Super Intensive Spanish

This course is a combination of Intensive Spanish and Individual classes. During the classes with the group you will work on improving your grammar and conversation. With the private tutor you can focus on the areas of your needs or areas you would like to develop.


20 lessons a week, 4 hours a day + 5 lessons a week with a private tutor


Individual Courses

Individual classes are fully adjusted to the needs and wishes of the student. They are designed to meet their particular objectives and are tailored to the student’s level of Spanish.


The classes can be held at any time of the day and at any place, whether in premises of the school or another place of the student’s choice.


Individual classes are perfect for you if you:


  • prefer to study with your own speed
  • have specific goals or areas you would like to work on
  • study better alone than with a group
  • require individual approach/attention


Spanish for small groups

If you would like to study Spanish together with your friends, colleagues or family, we are also able to create private classes for your own group.


The content of the class can be tailored to your level of Spanish and will give focus to the areas you would like to work on.


Requirements: group of 2-3 people, similar level of Spanish, same objectives for all members of the group


Spanish and Dance

You can combine your lessons of Spanish together with the dance classes of for example Flamenco, Salsa, Tango or Sevillanas.


The dance classes are thought in Madrid’s top dance schools, which have a large selection of dances. You can go for a typical Latin dance to embrace your Mediterranean experience but if you are interested in different types of dances, like modern, jazz or for example ballet, we can also arrange that for you. Dance partner or prior experience are not necessary.


20 lessons a week of Spanish + 5 dance classes


Spanish and Art

Spain has a rich history of art; especially the Spanish paintings are very valued across the whole world. Some of the most famous painters of the past centuries are for example Diego Velazquez, Goya, Pablo Picasso, o Salvador Dali. All of them left a big mark on the society.


If art is something that interests you, combining Spanish lessons with the classes of art may be the good opportunity for you to experience the Spanish artistic world.


You can follow the classes of ceramics, drawing or painting. You can choose either one of them or combine them together. The art classes are given in the Madrid’s established art schools, all very easy to reach.


20 lessons a week of Spanish + 8 art classes


Spanish and Business

This course has the same features as the Intensive Spanish. Next to the regular classes of Spanish with the group, you will also have 5 or 10 individual lessons with the private tutor on various business topics.


This course is beneficial for every body who would like to not only improve their day to day Spanish, but also advance their professional skills.


20 lessons a week of Intensive Spanish with a group + 5 or 10 Individual classes on Business


Long Term Spanish/ Semester Spanish

The content of the course is the same as Intensive Spanish, but for period longer than 8 weeks.


Group program for the bigger groups

In case you would like to arrange a course and activities for the bigger groups of students, please contact us directly. We will provide you information about our general group programs. We will also discuss with you your wishes and can tailor the program according to your ideas and goals.

Multi Location Spanish

Studying in multiple locations is a perfect option for everybody who would like to explore Spain in more depth and learn the differences between various locations. Spain is a big country and each area has its own customs and culture. This way you can feel the atmosphere of each region, get to know the people, the habits and see for yourself the variety of this country.


The multiple location program consists of 4 weeks study in Madrid, and afterwards continuing the course in cities of your choice.


Gap year in Spain

Nowadays many students and young professionals want to spend some time abroad. Either after either finishing their studies or making a career break in their professional life.


If you are interested to spend a gap year or a sabbatical leave in Spain we will help you to spend it in such way that suits you the best. You can enjoy your time, freedom and at the same time improve your academic or professional profile.


On the beginning you will have a session with our advisor, which will discuss with you your goals, objectives and wishes. Based on those, he will help you to build a program that will interest you.


Internship/Work placement

In case you are interested to participate in the Work Placement Program, please email us your CV and application form. We will contact you back with more information.

DELE Spanish Exam Preparation

DELE stands for “Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera” (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language). DELE is a globally accepted accreditation, certifying your level of Spanish Language. It is recognized by universities, private schools, chambers of commerce, and companies in the public and private sector. Currently you can take the test in more than 100 countries all over the whole world.