You don’t need to worry about where you are going to live while staying in Madrid. We will arrange accommodation to your liking; you may stay with a host family, in a shared flat, in the student residency, hostel, or hotel.


All the places are of high quality and well connected by public transport. The travelling distance from the accommodation to school varies from 10 to 30 minutes.


Host Family
Staying in a Spanish family is a good option for students, which want to practice Spanish with native speakers outside of a classroom. Students have their private room. All our host families are carefully selected. They are very reliable and provide a hospitable atmosphere for our students. Staying in the host family includes breakfast and dinner every day.


Shared Apartment
You can stay in a shared apartment with other students of our school. You will have your own private room with an access to the kitchen and a living room. The bathroom is either shared, or you can have your private one. All our apartments are equipped by Internet and the TV.


Student Residency
You can stay in the residency for the University apartments. You will have your own room and share the living room and kitchen with other students. The bathroom can be private or shared. You will be provided by breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except of Sunday. All our student residences are equipped by the Wifi.


Private apartment
Individual apartments are available in centre of Madrid for students preferring privacy and staying independent.


Hotel, Hostel
JAS Languages can arrange a hotel or hostel fitting your needs and budget in a reasonable distance from the school.


Price for double room is per person. Accommodation in double room is only possible if two people register together.


The minimum required stay is 1 week.


Damage Deposit
When staying in shared flats or host families a damage deposit of 60 Euros is required. This deposit is returned to the student once he checks out of the apartment. This deposit can be retained by the school in case the student has damaged the furniture or equipment, has left the room dirty or has caused noise disturbance.