Spanish Courses in Barcelona

All of our courses use modern teaching methods whilst focusing on both grammar and conversation. You will practice all the most important Spanish language skills, such as listening, writing and reading. 

Gain confidence and develop your language skills at the right pace for you by choosing from our course options below:


Intensive Spanish Course

This is the most popular course amongst our students. Courses start every Monday. You will join an appropriate group based on your level test. Those who are completely new to Spanish will be in a class for absolute beginners, which starts every second Monday. Course intensity: 20 lessons a week, 4 hours a day


Semi-Intensive Spanish Course

This course is ideal for people who want a semi-intensive course that still allows them to make quick progress with their Spanish. Course intensity: 10 lessons a week, 2 hours a day


Super Intensive Spanish Course

This is an accelerated course for people who want an intensive Spanish learning experience with maximum input.  Course intensity: 30 lessons a week, 6 hours a day


Combined Courses: Intensive Spanish with Private Lessons 

If you want to study in a group, and also reinforce your learning with some private classes, you can combine the group course with individual classes. During your private lessons you can decide what areas you would like to focus on.


We offer 2 kinds of combined courses:

Comined course I.: 20 lessons of Intensive Spanish + 5 private lessons a week

Combined course II.: 20 lessons of Intensive Spanish + 10 private lessons a week


Individual Courses 

Studying with private tutor is a good solution for people who prefer to study at their own pace,  with individual attention from the teacher. Taking private lessons is also ideal for those who wish to study specific topics (such as business Spanish). Classes are totally adjusted to the needs and requirements of the student.

DELE Spanish Exam Preparation 

DELE is an internationally recognized accreditation certifying your level of Spanish Language. It is the “Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera” (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language). The exam can currently be taken in more than 100 countries throughout the world. There are 6 different levels of DELE exams based on the Common European Framework Reference for languages (CEFR):  A1 (beginner level), A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (advanced level).  

Our preparatory course is 4 weeks long and consists of 20 hours a week with the group and 5 individual classes with a private tutor. This course is designed to prepare you to pass the DELE exam of your level. The course starts 4 times a year and usually finishes 1 day before the exam. The exam fee is not included in the course price.