Accommodation in Barcelona

We can arrange accommodation for our students during your stay in Barcelona. You can choose the type of accommodation that suits you best: a host family, shared apartment, private apartment, hotel or hostel.


All these places are carefully selected and the travel distance from any accommodation is less than 25 minutes from the school.


Host Family

Staying in one of our host families can be a good option if you wish to experience the local lifestyle and want to be sure you will practice your Spanish outside the school. You will have your own private bedroom and set of keys for the apartment. Our families are all very hospitable and reliable. Staying in a host family includes breakfast every day. You can also choose the option of having dinner.


Shared Apartments

If you prefer to live in an apartment with other students you can stay in one of our shared apartments. You will have your own bedroom with a single or double bed, and will share the living room and the kitchen. There are a maximum of six students. All of our apartments are equipped with free Wi-Fi.


We can offer 2 kinds of shared apartments: Regular shared apartment and luxury shared apartment.


A luxury shared apartment has the same characteristics as the regular apartment, but it also has TV and air-conditioning. All the rooms have a double bed and their own private bathroom.


Private apartment, hotel or hostel

If you prefer to stay in a private apartment, hotel or hostel, please contact us for more information. We will be able to arrange this according to your budget and requirements.


The minimum required stay in any accommodation type is 1 week.